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Background & Introduction

Aveesha textiles has transformed from a trading company to a manufacturing company and now is steadily emerging in new international markets. Initially, company started with the trading of unprocessed fabric within the local market. As the company gradually started progressing, we started the manufacturing of unprocessed fabric into processed fabric and finally making different made ups such as bed, bath and kitchen linen products. Our customers mainly include exporters within our region who export our made ups and also sell them domestically. Currently Aveesha Textiles is looking to diversify by entering into new markets globally. We are targeting both large and small scale importers. We have also expanded our product line by starting the manufacturing of value added textiles. The senior management aims to maintain the same level of growth and is willing to enter into the manufacturing of knitwear and apparel as well. For this, we are further equipping our resources. The objective is not only to become a leading exporter but also to make Aveesha Textiles a globally recognised textile company.


Aveesha Textiles aims to be one of the most distinguished textile companies in Pakistan and targets to achieve a rapid growth. For this, we will build strong relationship and will cater to the requirement of the customers.


Aveesha Textile exists to provide customer satisfaction by adopting a customization policy and by providing a high level service. Further, we also focus on continuous improvement in all departments keeping in mind the current market trends which gives us a competitive edge.

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