Quality Assurance

We have one of the most senior, experienced and skilled management who are in the field since quite a long time. They know exactly what they are doing and what is required from them. This allows us flexibility to adapt to any situations. This luxury of having experienced and specialist managers allow us to manufacture one of the most complex and sensitive products of home and institutional textiles. We believe more in quality rather than quantity which sets us apart.

Our production process contains the following procedures:

After greige fabric is received in the greige room by the processing mills the bales are opened and inspected. It is checked and verified whether the greige fabrics meets the specific standards, and also checked all weaving defects are marked out. Fabric inspection involves following three processes

  • Perching
  • Burling
  • Mending

After ensuring the greige fabric quality, the fabric gets processed which includes the below operations:

  • Singeing
  • De-sizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Mercerizing

After this, the fabric is received by the stitching and cutting department where fabric is cut and stitched into final made up and packed into respective packaging as per buyers’ requirement. Below are the operations of stitching department:

  • Cutting
  • Stitching
  • Checking
  • Packing

There are quality inspections; inline and final carried out internally by our quality department and also by the buyers.

To be more specific and to explain in further detail, we use the following steps to assure quality:

  • GSM & GLM
  • Thread Count
  • Yarn Count
  • Stitches per inch
  • Fiber composition
  • Density per inch
  • Light fastness
  • Weight per square meter
  • Shrinkage after one/three wash
  • Wash fastness
  • Tensile strength