Quality control

To ensure standard products are produced according to the requirement, our management inspects and keeps a strong observation at each stage of production. Moreover, an appraisal and evaluation of the performance of employees also prevails to assess their productivity level. Besides this, a correction and inspection system is conducted in which the feedback of customers is reviewed and their complains are analysed. In response, at the end of each month, the senior management reviews and evaluates the performance and makes necessary changes to eliminate any complains in the future.

Quality Assurance

Our senior management has 30 years expertise in textile sector because of which we have strong grip on production processes. Our workforce is fully trained, multi-skilled and can adapt to any task or job due to their flexibility. In addition, our supervisors are very qualified and experienced and are specialists in textile. Furthermore, we are technologically updated to know what are the current trends and demand of the market. Hence, even in such a competitive environment we have the capability to cater to the client’s demand. In order to maintain and bring further improvement in quality, we conduct training of staff members which in turn results in the creation of new efficient production methods.

Our production process contains 3 broad procedures:

  1. Purchase or manufacture fabric and verify quality.
  2. Review production planning and monitor production status.
  3. Carry out quality audit as per buyer’s requirement.

To be more specific and to explain in further detail, we use the following steps to assure quality:

  1. Count of yarn
  2. Fiber composition
  3. Density per inch
  4. Light fastness
  5. Weight per square meter
  6. Shrinkage after one/three wash
  7. Wash fastness
  8. Tensile strength

Social Commitment and Factory Interpretation

The corporate culture which prevails within our organization is very liberal and forbearing. A democratic leadership style is followed by the senior management and active participation is encouraged but the laws and regulations of the organization are strictly to be abided by all. The senior management maintain health and safety at work and keeps a regular check that the workers have high motivation at work and that all their needs are fulfilled be it physical, esteem or social.More importantly, our organization stands strongly against child labor and strictly condemns discrimination at work.

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